Yesterday, I did an event what I hoped would bring attention to the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign.  It were a pretty big success so a big thank you to all what showed up and participated.

I got some lovely white butterfly bubble tubes like you sees at weddings, and for £1 a vial, supporters was given a tube so they could blow bubbles in support of Rion McNeally.

They was on sale for £0.21 at Tesco, so I got two packs of twenty-four.  For you Americans what’s following this campaign, it cost what you call a quarter in your money.  Selling them for £1 a tube means we was making at least one American dollar with every white butterfly bubble tube what got sold.

It were a better idea than having balloons for £5 and releasing them in the middle of the afternoon like what were done by someone else for autism awareness a few years back.  At least bubbles isn’t going to harm the environment or wildlife.  Worst thing can happen with bubbles is that they pops on someone and leaves a clean spot behind.

Anyway, like I said, the event were a complete success and I were only left with five tubes so I popped round my sister’s place after and let my nieces and nephews have fun with them leftovers.

Thanks to all what came out and helped raise awareness of the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign.  I just wish Rion could’ve been with us to see how much we loves him.  But we have money in the bank what can be used to print off posters to bring more awareness to the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign.

Remember to share this entry on the amazing results of our first fundraising event to #SaveRionMcNeally, and please remember to use the usual hashtags.