I seen on Twitter that there’s this hashtag trending what says #savemarinajoyce. Now no one knows what’s going on with this here Marina Joyce.  Some wanker put a fake story up on Buzzfeed what said the police found her body but like I said it were a fake story so it’s not true.

Some says she been stuck in rehab and that’s what it’s all about.  Others say it’s one of them social media pranks what’s meant to get people talking.  Some say she’s the victim of domestic abuse of some sort based on her whispering ‘save me‘ in some video she done.

Then there’s them what says she’s having a party this morning at 6:30 but no one is going because it’s some kind of set up by ISIS to steal people.

What I hopes is that nothing awful happened to the girl, and that it’s just much to ado about nothing as Shakespeare put it.

What I also hopes is that people is going to realize that Rion McNeally is just as important as Marina Joyce.  They is both people what have feelings and all.  The difference is that everyone on Twitter is going bonkers with that #savemarinajoyce hashtag but not too many is sharing the  #SaveRionMcNeally hashtag.

So if you wants to help Marina and Rion, you can start by adding #SaveRionMcNeally to your tweets and help two people at the same time because they is both important, yes?