I been running the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign now for three months, and I been making connections with autism advocates on Twitter and Facebook.  Imagine my surprise when I come across this article by Rob McDowall about a leading UK autism campaigner.

I can’t say much about this as the article says it all, don’t you think?  It made me realize I needs to be aware that some autism advocates and campaigners is real advocates, and some autism advocates and campaigners maybe isn’t exactly what they says they is.

Just click on this link to read the article by Rob McDowall.

I isn’t going to tell you what to makes of all this, but this paragraph is very telling.  Seems to me that Rob McDowall were giving the autism campaigner a chance to discuss the matter, and just like Cinema Libre Studio done to Fiona O’Leary, Kevin Healey threatened to sue Rob McDowall.

Rob McDowall
Quote from article by Rob McDowall, Scottish Equality and Human Rights Advocate.

Now, I been told that this leading UK autism campaigner is defending them people what made the “Vaxxed” movie.  Maybe he’s hoping they is going to do a movie of his life, but I’m just guessing here.  I doesn’t know why he’s thrown his lot in with that bunch.  All I know is that it seems like him and them others threaten people what disagree with them.

Now I doesn’t threaten to sue people.  If they wants to help get word out about the campaign to #SaveRionMcNeally,  I’m more than happy to accept that help.  But if they doesn’t want to help, that’s fine by me.  They can even say what they wants about Rion because the facts is going to be what proves everything.

So I’m asking you to share this entry on social media using the regular hashtags I always ask people to use.  If you wants to share my article about what Cinema Libre Studio done to autism advocate Fiona O’Leary, that would be nice too.