Someone told me they read in Newsweek online that researchers did this here study what says that induced labour don’t increase the risk of autism.  The study got published in some medical journal called JAMA what sounds more like a music journal than a medical one.

Sometimes I think researchers got nothing better to do with their time than think up barmy ideas the government funds them to study.

I looked up on the Internet what exactly induced means and the first thing what showed up were this.


Lots of times, I been persuaded or influenced to do something, and it never made my autism worse.  I know that Rion knows lots of autistics and he’s persuaded or influenced them to do things, and it never made their autism worse.  So what’s with this study setting out to prove that when you is persuaded or influenced to do something, you could turn autistic?

If I could persuade or influence that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith to give Rion a free pass out of East Burmington Hospital, I wouldn’t mind if if made him autistic.  Maybe then he’d be more understanding of what it’s like to have autism like me and Rion and thousands of others got.

But until that happens, just keep on sharing these entries on Twitter and Facebook, and keep on using the regular hashtags.