Today I isn’t going to write much.  I will tell you that I read online that Suzanne Wright what was responsible for Autism Speaks with her husband from NBC passed on.  That’s sad for her family and sad for supporters of Autism Speaks.

I isn’t going to speak ill of the dead so don’t ask me what Rion McNeally has to say about all this.  Just know that if it were Rion what died, I’d appreciate it if nobody spoke ill of him being dead.

So if you is going to say something awful about the Autism Speaks woman, please don’t because this blog don’t like that kind of thing.  We can agree to not agree on if we likes Autism Speaks or if we hates Autism Speaks, but Autism Speaks isn’t Suzanne Wright and Suzanne Wright weren’t Autism Speaks.

I’ll ask that you set aside your differences with them what’s have a different opinion than your own when it comes to Autism Speaks and autism.  Then share this blog entry with others on your social media using the usual hashtags.