I were reading in the Independent yesterday that Turkey canceled 50,000 passports.  It were part of the crackdown after there were a military coup a couple weeks ago that didn’t end well for the military coupers.

Then I seen that Turkey’s prime minister got 18,000 government staff detained and under investigation. To top that all off, he went after 60,000 soldiers and journalists and teachers and government workers and suspended them mostly.

Seems that nearly half of them top ranking officers in the army been fired and lots of them been arrested, too.

Meanwhile, Rion McNeally’s locked up in East Burmington Hospital, and no one’s making a sound about that injustice.  The world isn’t worked up about that injustice the way they is worked up about what’s going on in Turkey.  No one’s going on about that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith the way they is going on about Turkey’s prime minister.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that in Rion’s case it’s just one person what’s been detained and arrested and not thousands of autistics.  But keep this in mind:  It could be thousands of autistics instead of just Rion McNeally.  The next one they detain and arrest could be you or your mate or your family member.

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