The Olympics in Rio is over and done with, and now we can get back to paying attention to the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign again.  I stopped posting on the blog because it weren’t going to do Rion no good seeing as the world were focused on Rio and them atheletes.

Now the big story is on that American swimmer, Ryan Lochte, and his mates what lied to the media and the police.  Ryan told a rubbish story to his mum about getting robbed and she told the media and the media told the world.  That’s how that happened.

Today I saw in the papers he got himself fired by three places what were sponsoring him.  He probably don’t think he deserve that but he does. Liars doesn’t make good spokesmen for companies what sponsor them.

And that brings me back to Rion what’s still sitting up there at East Burmington Hospital thanks to lies what got told about him.  There isn’t no big company like Speedo coming to his defense either.  Instead it’s the likes of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith what’s telling him how things is going to be.

It’s time for us to start making noise to #freetheboy by bringing attention to the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign to stop #AutismAbuse.  Maybe he’s not a Olympic athelete, but he’s definitely an autism hero in my books.

Remember to use these here hashtags as always.