There’s this here news article I found on a website called Real Clear Science what says that a phone game can diagnose autism.  Problem with the reporting is that it weren’t about a phone game.  It were about a game what’s played on iPhones.  That’s not the same as a phone game.

Anyways the idea is that the game on the iPhone were played different by them what’s got autism than them what don’t got autism.  Autistic children was doing more and faster.  They was hitting the screen harder and swiping more.

I doesn’t know if they played the game better than them NT children what was part of the study but that don’t seem to matter to them researchers.  Still I doesn’t see how none of that diagnoses autism in anyone.

Then again, maybe this is how Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith does his diagnosing of autistics like Rion McNeally.  I hate to think so but maybe if people asked him in the Dear Doctor section of this here blog, he’d answer us then.

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