Back home in the UK, a teen with autism made two cards to give to himself for his birthday and it broke his mum’s heart so much she asked people on social media to send her son a card or two.  What happened is that two postmen delivered dozens of boxes to the boy filled with birthday cards from strangers.

I got nothing against the lad and his mum but isn’t it strange that all them strangers is all worked up about a teenager with autism what’s living at home and what’s got a loving mum to care for him, but them same people isn’t worried about Rion McNeally what’s locked up in East Burmington Hospital?

What is it that some autistics is pitied for their sad lot in life and others what got it worse is ignored?  It’s time we #TalkAboutAutism and put a stop to #AutismAbuse.  Not just because of what’s happening to Rion but because it’s the right thing to do to #TalkAboutAutism and put a stop to #AutismAbuse.

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