So I seen that this here autistic campaigner were upset a few months back that @autisticgardner were blue tick verified when he weren’t.  He’s been going on and on about the blue tick problem he’s got, and it seems to me he bullies Twitter over it, saying they doesn’t protect autistics.

I doesn’t know about that.  Seems to me that Twitter does all right as far as social media goes.  After all, they can’t be policing every tweet every Tweeter makes, can they now?

But you know, it weren’t too long ago that another advocate wrote about that one and how he were telling porky pies about the trolling and abuse he says he’s had for years.  He said the proof that one fellow gave him about being abused and trolled were fabricated evidence with photoshop and such.

Now, me and Rion, we doesn’t do that.  We is about awareness.  We doesn’t go on and on about them what disagrees with us being guilty of a serious disability hate crime offense.  If they doesn’t know what they is talking about, we just blocks them off our social media.

What we does ask is for people to share these here blog entries I write on the Save Rion McNeally blog so people can see what’s going on with Rion. He’s a right good campaigner what deserves better treatment than what he’s getting at the hands of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith up there at East Burmington Hospital.

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