Remember that time back in March when Prince William were part of the team what air lifted that injured tree doctor Jim Schembri to the hospital?

Reports was that the tree doctor said he hoped Wills weren’t flying the helicopter only to find out that Wills were holding his head for the past half hour.

Wouldn’t it be grand if Wills decided to fly over to East Burmington Hospital and spirit poor Rion McNeally away from the nasty clutches of that evil doctor, Aidan Beresford-Smith?  After all, Wills is all about doing right by his subjects, and Rion is all about doing right by autistics.  They kind of fits together like peas and carrots on a supper plate.

Anyway, it were just a thought as I try to figure out other ways to make people aware of the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign.  If you can think of some way to get word out of Rion’s sad situation just leave a message here in the comments below.  If I can make your idea work, I’ll even give you full credit for coming up with it.

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