Microsoft is a company what hires autistics.  The problem with that is they is probably pity hiring and then exploiting them autistics.  I doesn’t know for sure but I’m guessing that’s what they does.

They says they likes literal minded people what depend on clear directions and clear requests.  They says they is giving autistic employees assigned mentors to help them autistic employees with everyday things.

And then there’s the special training what’s only for autistics, like we is circus animals I suppose.  Now they says it’s support, but I sees things a bit more clearly.  So does Rion.  We know that between them PC statements that’s where you’ll find the discrimination, a bit like the jelly in a PBJ sandwich.

Just wait until Microsoft gives them autistics rules to follow what don’t make enough sense.  Them autistics isn’t going to follow them rules, and then Microsoft is going to fire the lot saying they is too difficult to get along with anyway.

Rion knows what that’s all about.  That’s some of the reason he’s being held against his will at East Burmington Hospital.  The authorities doesn’t like that Rion don’t follow rules when they doesn’t make sense.

That’s something that bothers autistics.  We likes our rules to make sense one hundred percent of the time all the time.

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