I were looking at the leading UK autism campaigner’s website and the NAS’s website, and I’m a bit confused here.  See, on the NAS’s website, they says that the autism campaigner resigned from being part of the NAS.


But over on the campaigner’s website (this were on his website when I were there today) it says he’s still a trustee for the NAS.


I suppose you has to go with the disclaimer on the campaigner’s website (this were also on his website when I were there today) what says if there’s mistakes on his website, it’s not his fault.


But you’d think that someone like that what’s all about being believed about everything he says should take down them parts of his website what’s not right anymore.  I mean, if everything is for informational purposes like he says on his website, then you’d think he’d get his own information right, yes?

Me and Rion we doesn’t worry about things like that.  Rion don’t even have a website.  He just has a Facebook page and I takes care of that and the Twitter.  He says it gives him the collywobbles just thinking he might be giving wrong information to autistics and them’s what doesn’t have autism.  That’s why he don’t have a website.

But maybe that’s the reason why he’s still stuck in East Burmington Hospital under the auspices (that’s what a mate down at the pub said it were) of the NHS.  If you wants to help with getting word out that we needs to #SaveRionMcNeally, share this entry on your social media.

Here’s them hashtags to use as well.