Trolling is a serious problem on the Internet.  The good news is that trolls is starting to see how serious others is taking what they do.

Sean Duffy were sentenced to 18 weeks in jail for trolling posts he made on social  media about the poor child, Natasha MacBryde, what got killed when a train struck her.  Another by the name of Chris Coss got 18 weeks in jail for trolling posts he made about the lovely, Jade Goody (don’t believe none of the lies her ex is telling these days) after cancer killed her.

From what I can see, trolling starts when someone disagrees with others or if they is uncomfortable with something what’s happened or someone else is doing.  For example, Rion gets trolled a lot on social media because he fights for rights for autistics.  He don’t back down neither when trolls start in on him.

It’s probably because of some of them trolls that he’s stuck at East Burmington Hospital, and probably some of them trolls is responsible for how come that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith don’t let Rion back out.  He probably is believing all them lies what’s being told to him by trolls.

So let’s beat them at their own game, and spread the word about the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign so we can #TalkAboutAutism and #freetheboy.

Remember to use the regular hashtags as always.