I doesn’t know who Nelly is but whoever Nelly is, she needs 287 million Spotify Streams to pay money she owes the American IRS.  I knows this because #SaveNelly were trending on social media all day yesterday.

What’s sad about this is Nelly probably got herself in all that trouble by herself.  Meanwhile, Rion is stuck in East Burmington Hospital and he didn’t get himself in there by doing stupid things like owing the government money.

Rion always gives them what’s due what’s due them, including the government.  But does we see the Internet going crazy and trending #SaveRionMcNeally?  No, and that’s because Rion isn’t a celebrity like Nelly.

I guess autistics what deserve attention for their plight isn’t as interesting as celebrities from America, especially them lady ones with their fancy doctor touch-ups what makes them irresistible (if I spells a word wrong, forgive me and spell it right in your head when you reads what I write).

So let’s get word out and replace them #SaveNelly tweets with #SaveRionMcNeally tweets (especially since we been using that one since May already).  I doesn’t begrudge Nelly any attention she’s getting, but she stole our hashtag and replaced Rion’s name with her own.  That’s not fair.  Maybe Nelly could share some of the attention (we doesn’t need no money from her or her fans) by tweeting how she supports the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign.

And remember to spread the word with these here hashtags.