On Monday, I asked questions about a leading UK autism campaigner and if he were still a trustee for the NAS.  The NAS said on their website he weren’t a trustee with them no more.


The next day after I asked them questions on this blog, that autism campaigner tweeted out one of them long tweets.  The problem with his tweet is the answer he were giving because it were confusing.


If I reads that right, he says he is and isn’t a trustee of the NAS.  I doesn’t know what to believe mostly because of things he said before that doesn’t ring true.

People doesn’t have to worry about being confused when it comes to Rion McNeally, and that’s because if he’s in he’s in and if he’s out he’s out.  He don’t confuse the issue by being in and out at the same time.

It don’t surprise me that NTs got bad opinions about autistics when someone like this here leading UK autism campaigner is mixing them up like that.  They doesn’t appreciate being mixed up neither, so most of them isn’t very nice to autistics.

But Rion’s not like that.  He’s an autistic you can count on.  That’s why we has to spread the word so we can #SaveRionMcNeally and #freetheboy.

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