A friend of mine and Rion’s were telling me that when I play Zuma’s Revenge on the Internet I’m throwing a spanner in the works instead of helping Rion get out of East Burmington Hospital.  I gave that a bit of thought trying to see things his way.

But you know, while people is playing games online, Rion don’t get to play no games at all.  I mean, he don’t get to play games except them games the doctors and nurses plays what messes with his mind.  If they wasn’t all playing games, Rion would be out of the hospital by now and the charges would be dropped, yes?

Any road, we is out here and Rion is in there, and we is out here playing Zuma’s Revenge and Rion is in there getting played for revenge.

The only way we can help Rion is by sharing the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign on social media.  If we is lucky, them #SaveNelly people is going to come over and join us so more people is saying Rion needs to be out of East Burmington Hospital right away.

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