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April 2017

Spock Style Autistics

If I had a quid for every time I hear someone say that autistics doesn’t understand emotion, I’d build my own hospital and have Rion McNeally transferred there so I could let him out!

Point four in the Aspie’s video s that autistics doesn’t understand emotion when we absolutely does.  Maybe we doesn’t always know what feelings we is feeling, but know we is feeling them and we knows why we is feeling them.

If I is sad crying, I is smart enough to know either I is crying because my feelings is hurt or because my body is hurt.  If I is happy crying, I is smart enough to know that something’s made me feel so happy that I were brought to tears.

If I wants to rip your heart out of your body, I knows I is mad about something you said or did.  If I wants to kick you in the shins like a coward, I knows that I’m not feeling happy or carefree if that’s what I wants to do to you.

Emotions:  it’s not rocket science, not even for autistics.

Do we understand other people’s emotions?  Sometimes we doesn’t but that’s not because we is autistic.  Lots of NTs doesn’t understand what autistics is feeling sometimes so it cuts both ways now, don’t it?

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Reacting Appropriately

Welcome to day three of looking at them five points the YouTube Aspie made in his video.  When he says we doesn’t react appropriately that is right in some ways.  Lots of people doesn’t react appropriately sometimes.

Ever been to a funeral where someone what’s crying over the dearly departed suddenly starts laughing?  That’s an inappropriate reaction but it happens sometimes and it don’t mean that person is autistic.  It means that person is reacting inappropriately but not necessarily on purpose.

That means all of us is guilty of that one, not just autistics.  Even if it isn’t something like a funeral, sometimes people react inappropriately because they is different from others.

Some cultures shakes hands when they meets.  Other cultures just bows and doesn’t do handshaking.  If a handshaker goes to a bowing culture, when they tries to shake hands they is going to be acting inappropriately in the eyes of them what’s bowing.  When a bower goes to a handshaking culture, when they tries to bow instead of shaking hands, they is going to be acting inappropriately in the eyes of them what’s shaking hands.

So when this bloke says we doesn’t always react appropriately, he’s saying that all them NTs always react appropriately and that’s not right.  Jails around the world is filled up with NTs what didn’t react appropriately and sometimes them jails also is going to have autistics in them and they is there usually because they didn’t react appropriately neither.

That makes three of the five points in the video wrong.  It’s enough to make me wonder if the doctor what said he had Asperger Syndrome knows what Asperger Syndrome is.  If he don’t get the basic things about autism right, maybe he don’t got Asperger Syndrome and his doctor got it wrong.

Then again, maybe he’s lying about a doctor saying he’s got it.  Maybe he just asked the doctor if maybe he had it and the doctor said maybe he did and the ponce took that as a diagnosis.  I doesn’t know and he isn’t saying now, is he?

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Disabled or Different

Yesterday, I talked about the first of five things a brand spanking new Aspie said were true about autism.  Today, I is talking about the next thing he said.  He said we isn’t disabled.

Problem is that some of us with autism is disabled and that’s why we gets government money.  We isn’t  all disabled but some of us is and thems that is, it’s because of the autism.

If we isn’t disabled, then none of us what needs help is going to get it because of ponces like him.  We isn’t going to get no help for our autistic kids what’s going to school, and they needs them services like teaching assistants and school IEPs.  If you isn’t identified by SENS as disabled, then you doesn’t get none of that, so all them autistic students isn’t going to get no help thanks to people like that wonker.

If NTs says autism isn’t a disability, then we isn’t going to get no accommodations at work and we isn’t going to get special treatment when we is out in public at places like Beamish Museum near Durham or Chessington World of Adventures or LEGOland Windsor.  Even the Tower of London’s got this here autism friendly guide for autistics and their families and lower rates for autistics and the carer what’s visiting the Tower with them.

And even if we isn’t seen as disabled, we is different, so different or disabled, we actually is different and some of us is also disabled.

I know I doesn’t say things as well as Rion McNeally does when he’s fired up about these things, but until he’s released from East Burmington Hospital, I’ll keep doing his work for him.

In the meantime, we’ve got to keep on trying to get him back where he belongs, so share this blog entry with others on social media and remember to use the regular hashtags.


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