I  has this friend what sends me articles on autism from time to time. Now that I’m in a new flat and I got my Internet connected, I were able to check them emails he sent me I didn’t get to read yet.  One were about this here study done in some place called Saskatchewan.

Now I looked that up on the Internet seeing as it don’t sound like a real place, and I were surprised to find out that in Canada they got this part of the country what’s called that.

Then I read the article he sent me and I’m wondering how obvious something has to be for some people that they spend money on studies like the one I just read about.

Ya, seems that a study were done about parents of children with autism, and how they suffers from extreme fatigue.  Anyone what’s got autism or what’s got a kid with autism knows how tiring autism is so the study were just one of them government make-work projects.

But I imagine that what most doesn’t know is how tired Rion McNeally is from being locked up at East Burmington Hospital.  If you want to do something important for Autism Awareness Month, share the link to this here blog and let people know what’s going on with Rion.

Don’t forget to use the usual hashtags when you does share.