I loved Robert Palmer and his music.  It don’t matter if he were singing solo or with one of them groups of his, he were one of them greats what everyone remembers long after they dies.

He did this here one song called “Addicted To Love” what had lots of lovely NTs in the video, acting all posh.  They wasn’t my type but they was Robert Palmer’s and I imagine that’s why they was picked to be in the video.

What’s all that got to do with autism, you ask?  Well, some research got done in Sweden lately and they says that autistics what’s smart is alcoholics and drug addicts and the likes.  If they has ADHD, they got it even worse they says.  I doesn’t know if I believes that mostly because I drink a pint once in a while and I isn’t an alcoholic, and I knows that Rion McNeally isn’t an alcoholic or a drug addict.

At least he weren’t when he got shoved into that hospital he’s been at for months.  Maybe he’s a drug addict now.  I heard tales of how some doctors likes to drug up autistics so they doesn’t talk or nothing.

But that proves my point, don’t it?  That’s why we has to work so hard to get Rion McNeally released from East Burmington Hospital.  We got to get him out before they makes him into a drug addicted lollygagging clump of humanity.

Here’s them hashtags again to help get the word about this here travesty.