There’s this here autism expert by the name of Temple Grandin and seems everything she says about autism is something the media jumps all over and says is right.  I doesn’t know if what she says is right or wrong.  I doesn’t even know if she knows what autism really is exactly.

She were talking at lots of places lately, saying that video games and smart technology is bad for children with autism.  Says we needs to get autistics away from video games and such.

Obviously she don’t understand that technology is how autistics is able to function in the real world. Just look at how much that Pokemon Go game helped all them autistics what couldn’t go outside and socialize before.  If socializing thanks to a video game is bad, then I think this here Temple Grandin don’t know much about either autism or autistics.

Anyway, she were quoted by reporters saying that instead of video games, autistics need real world experience cleaning out cow stalls or something like that.  Then she said they needs to get jobs.  Well, I doesn’t know how many 10 year old autistics is gainfully employed seeing as a lot of autistics over the age of 18 doesn’t have jobs.  Ridiculous if you ask me.

If Rion McNeally were out of East Burmington Hospital, he could fight the good fight and educate people like that Grandin person.  Teach her a thing or two about how hard it is to live with autism and all.

So let’s get Rion released from hospital by sharing his story on social media with all your friends.  Remember to use these hashtags when you do.