Like most of me generation, I loves old style Star Trek with Captain Kirk and Spock and Bones (I doesn’t feel right calling him Dr. McCoy seeing as I has this nasty opinion about a certain other doctor what’s got Rion locked up at East Burmington Hospital).

I loves them old episodes, and I loves the movies what got made with William Shatner in them.  I mean, what’s not to love, right?

But a couple days back, Shatner were attacked by a swarm of autism activists what didn’t like that he shared a puzzle piece on Twitter in support of Autism Awareness month.  Now that strikes me stupid seeing as autism awareness is supposed to be the theme for the month not attack them what doesn’t agree 100% with you.


If Ari Ne’eman really did what people says he did to Shatner that don’t look very good on ASAN, right?  I mean they is always going on about how they is the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and how they is all about respecting neurodiversity and all, and then they attacks Shatner for being supportive of autism awareness.

I feel we needs more people like William Shatner and Rion McNeally to really bring awareness of autism to the media.  Going with whiny wonkers don’t do the autism cause much good.  If you asks me, I think it makes people like them that’s part of ASAN look bad as well.

So let’s focus on helping Rion McNeally.  Share this post with the usual hashtags.