Someone I knows who is autistic told me we is all on the autism spectrum, even them what’s isn’t

He were saying to me that Barack Obama were probably autistic because he’s clumsy and has verbal glitches what are like autistics got.

Then he were saying that Donald Trump were probably autistic because of how he is.

And then he said all politicians were autistic because they is all peculiar and being peculiar is part of autism.

I doesn’t know if I agrees with him but what he were saying makes sense.  After all, we is probably all autistic but not the same degree of autistic.  Just like we is all humans but some of us is male and some of us is females.  Except for them what’s not male and not female or is both or is switching over.

I’m guessing it means we is also all neurodiverse and there isn’t no such thing as neurotypical (or NT as we says in the autism community).  If that’s true, then there’s no reason for keeping Rion McNeally locked up at East Burmington Hospital is there?

Being autistic isn’t enough for a doctor like Aidan Beresford-Smith to keep someone like Rion stuck in where he is.

So spread this news around on social media, and remember to use them hashtags as always.