I doesn’t always know what to believe about autism and vaccines, mostly because even with all them scientists doing all that research, there is some people what doesn’t want to believe there isn’t no connection between them two things.

Used to be that autism were 1 in 10,000 people.  Then it were 1 in 285 people.  Last I heard it were 1 in 34 people.  That means lots of people is getting all worked up about how many people got autism.

Except yesterday I wrote about me mate what said we is all autistic so really it’s 1 in 1 and none of them other numbers people is quoting.  If it’s 1 in 1 then autism is normal, and if autism is normal, then there isn’t no reason to be carrying on about how everyone needs to upset if someone’s got autism.

I mean it makes sense to make some changes for people what’s badly affected by autism but if we is all autistic in different ways, we doesn’t really need to make all that many changes.  We just has to start working through problems instead of making our problem everyone else’s hard work for the day.

It don’t matter if you believes autism is caused by vaccines or if you believes it’s normal.  What matter is that it’s Autism Awareness Month so make people aware that autism isn’t no epidemic and that autism is normal.

Autism being what it is though there’s no reason to keep Rion McNeally locked away in East Burmington Hospital so let’s get one of these here hashtags trending to #SaveRionMcNeally from the clutches of that ponce Aidan Beresford-Smith.