I were on Facebook the other day and there were this autism group what was discussing a problem at one of them All-In playgrounds for special needs children what includes autistics.  A mum said her and her son was shamed because her son pushed another child down a slide.

Now I weren’t there (seeing as it all happened in America and not over here) so I doesn’t know anything more than what people is saying but seems to me there’s enough blame to go around.

First of all, it’s one of them All-In playgrounds for special needs children so that means all them children might have special needs, and it’s a safe bet that most of them does.  That means that the autistic boy what pushed the other child down the slide is special needs, and probably that child what got pushed down the slide is special needs.

We all knows why the autistic boy was there so I has to chalk up the other parents’ reaction to shock and all.  Of course, maybe it weren’t shock and when the parents asked why he were there, maybe they meant why were he there with his mum not closer than she were.

She says her son were on the slide and rolling around.  That’s not safe.  If the boy fell off the slide from all that rolling around, he might’ve broke his neck in the fall.  Anyway, his feet hit the other child and she went down the slide.  It don’t matter if the little girl were badly hurt on her body because if she were special needs maybe she were badly hurt emotionally.

Some kids takes a while to internalize what happens to them and then they’re terrified to do anything again because of that.  The mum of the autistic boy got no right to say the other child weren’t hurt.  Maybe she were and the mum of the autistic boy don’t know it.

The mum of the autistic boy said the girl weren’t crying.  If she knows anything about autism, she knows that some autistics is hyposensitive and that means they doesn’t cry right away even when they is badly hurt.  They is internalizing what they is feeling, if anything, before reacting.

So maybe Cooper’s mum should stick closer to Cooper when he is out in public so them sort of things doesn’t happen again.  It’d be safer for Cooper and safer for them what’s close to Cooper.