Some people thinks the way to cure autism is to bleach’n’leach the autism right out autistics.  Most of them people also is against vaccines I been told, and some of them is big followers of that movie, “Vaxxed: The Movie” by that Andrew Wakefield.

These is the sorts of the things Rion McNeally is fighting against when he isn’t locked up by the likes of plonkers like that Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith what’s messing with his autism advocate work.

You can’t chelate the autism out of autistics.  Chelation is for lead poisoning and iron overload but it’s not for autism.

You can’t oxygen the autism out of autistics.  Them hyperbaric chambers what looks like coffins but claims to does what chelation do isn’t for autism neither.

You can’t bathe the autism out of autistics.  Them detoxifying baths doesn’t even does what they says they does no matter how much they says they does.

You can’t essential oils the autism out of autistics.  If you tries to, them autistics is going to smell nice but they is still going to be autistic  no matter how much oil you uses on them.

You can’t bleach the autism out of autistics.  If bleaches them enough, you could wind up killing them but that wouldn’t make them not autistic.  It would make them dead.

So instead of bleaching’n’leaching autistics, follow Rion McNeally’s lead and fight for the rights of autistics.  If you doesn’t know where to start, start with sharing this post on your social media and ask your mates to pass it along.

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