I just got back from a lovely Easter celebration with friends and family, and I has to say that it were a charm to see all them kids falling over theirselves trying to collect all the hidden goodies in the backyard where we was at.  But it also got me to thinking.

What if the Easter Bunny brought autism instead of sweets?  Would all them parents be shouting at their  kids to go out and get as much as they could find?  Or would them same parents be grabbing their children to make sure they wasn’t exposed and contaminated by autism?

I’m guessing they’d be legging it to their estate cars and tearing through zebra crossings headed towards the nearby motorway.

And that poor defenseless bunny rabbit would get his self singed, gutted, and trussed for daring to bring autism to the party.

Here’s the strange thing about all that:  Isn’t that what’s got done to poor Rion McNeally?  He’s like that poor little beast except Rion McNeally don’t give autism to people.  He brings autism to the conversation about autistic rights, and he does that as a person what’s got autism, not someone what’s on the outside looking in at autism.

So tonight when you goes to bed and you and your partner is thinking about all them wonderful chocolates the Easter Bunny brought your kids, think about what would’ve happened if the Easter Bunny brought autism instead of sweets.  Would the Easter Bunny find his self locked up in East Burmington Hospital alongside Rion McNeally?

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