If I had a quid for every time I hear someone say that autistics doesn’t understand emotion, I’d build my own hospital and have Rion McNeally transferred there so I could let him out!

Point four in the Aspie’s video s that autistics doesn’t understand emotion when we absolutely does.  Maybe we doesn’t always know what feelings we is feeling, but know we is feeling them and we knows why we is feeling them.

If I is sad crying, I is smart enough to know either I is crying because my feelings is hurt or because my body is hurt.  If I is happy crying, I is smart enough to know that something’s made me feel so happy that I were brought to tears.

If I wants to rip your heart out of your body, I knows I is mad about something you said or did.  If I wants to kick you in the shins like a coward, I knows that I’m not feeling happy or carefree if that’s what I wants to do to you.

Emotions:  it’s not rocket science, not even for autistics.

Do we understand other people’s emotions?  Sometimes we doesn’t but that’s not because we is autistic.  Lots of NTs doesn’t understand what autistics is feeling sometimes so it cuts both ways now, don’t it?

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