Point five of the YouTube Aspies video is part right and part wrong.  He says we isn’t broken and that part is true.  We isn’t broken.   Being different don’t mean broken.  Being disabled don’t mean broken. Even being stupid don’t mean broken.

He says we doesn’t need fixing or a solution or a cure and that’s where he’s wrong for some of us autistics.  Them autistics what can do for themselves doesn’t need fixing or a solution or a cure.  If something’s not working right, they just has to keep on trying like NTs does.

But what about them autistics what’s not doing for themselves?  What about them autistics what is adults and living at home with their parents that’s pensioners because they isn’t able to do nothing for themselves?

I doesn’t like using the expression low-functioning, but some autistics is so impaired by autism that they isn’t even able to dress themselves or talk with others they way some toddlers talks with adults.  The mums and dads of them autistics is right when they says they needs a solution, and maybe they needs a cure.

Is I saying that all autistics needs a cure?  I isn’t saying that but keep this in mind:  There were this Kanner what did his research in autism and then Asperger come along with his autism research.  They both was talking about autistics but they was talking about autistics far apart from each other on the spectrum.  So Kanner autistics is the ones that maybe needs a cure, and Asperger autistics is the ones that doesn’t needs a cure.

But if we is going to get the word out on that reality, we need the likes of Rion McNeally out here to help educated NTs and Aspies about what is and isn’t autism.  You can help by sharing this blog entry on social media with these here hashtags.