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Farewell, Dear Friend

Today I’m not writing about Rion.  Instead my condolences go out to Chris Samuel who begun the next leg of his life’s journey without his dear wife and world recognized autism advocate Donna Williams aka Polly Samuel.

I doesn’t want to tell people what to think or feel.  What I will say is that if you doesn’t know much about Donna William aka Polly Samuel, do an Internet search.

She were one of the first autistics to let the world know what it were like to be a person living with autism.  She wrote books like “Nobody Nowhere” and “Somebody Somewhere” and made music and art.

What I has to say pales in comparison to how Chris Samuel wrote about his beloved wife who passed from cancer.  His words is found on her website as the final entry.  Please read them.

Autistics and Star Wars

So in the news today I sees the next Star wars movie is filming near Stoke-On-Trent.  That’s great news, but here’s something the producers need to consider if they wants their movie to be even better.  Hire an autistic advocate to make sure they has autistics represented in the script and with the cast.

I highly recommend they hire Rion McNeally.  He’s autistic and he fights for the rights of autistics and he knows all about autism.

Now I also heard they was looking for hundreds of extras to play the alien population and considering that we autistics is strangers in a strange land if you listens to NTs, who better than autistics to play to part of aliens on the world they is on?

If we wants to be included in this major motion picture, we best get Rion McNeally out of East Burmington Hospital.  So let’s flood them social media feeds that tells people we need to #SaveRionMcNeally from #AutismAbuse at the hands of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith.  Let’s #TalkAboutAutism and #freetheboy.

Don’t forget to use the usual hashtags when you post to social media, and let’s get Rion out of hospital so we can get in to the movies.


Oregon Don’t Like Lovaas

There were this here Norwegian doctor what came up with ABA a long time ago and it were for working with autistics what he called monsters.  I doesn’t know about you, but when I hears that a doctor called people he’s trying to help monsters, chances are he don’t see them as people.  They is just monsters.

Anyway, he come up with this here ABA therapy and some people likes it and some people hates it.  Them what’s loves it, if they lives in Oregon, is hating insurance regulators in that State in America.  That’s because there is four insurance companies what don’t want to pay for ABA for children with autism.

It’s hard to understand why a autism activist parent wants to have their child have ABA because that means the parent got the same opinion of autistics as that Lovaas character.  They thinks hitting and abusing monsters means they isn’t going to get arrested for assaulting kids and the is right if it’s ABA based on what Lovaas said about autistics.


I hope people in America takes another look at what they is doing when they buy into ABA because the school or some psychologist said they has monsters for children.  I doesn’t think hurting little children is going to change anything.

That’s why we has to #freetheboy and #SaveRionMcNeally.  He stands up for all autistics but especially for them what isn’t able to stand up for themselves.  Don’t let the bullies win and abuse helpless autistics.

Please share this important information on social media using these here hashtags.


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