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Autism Poll

A Question For All Of You

Ask yourself this:  What does 86,400 mean to you?

Is it about money, and how much you needs to make before you think you is rich?

Is it about miles you got to travel to get to your dream vacation?

Is it about drinks you had at the local pub in your twenties?

What does 86,400 mean to you?

Poll #3 On Autism

It’s time for another poll, this one being Number 3 on the topic of autism.  This here one is all about autistics getting bullied.

Some people says that autistics gets bullied all the time because they isn’t like most people.   Some people says that autistics never gets bullied and the media’s what blows things up to be more than what they is.  It’s time to #TalkAboutAutism and bullying.  Vote in this here poll to help others understand just how much autistics gets bullied every day of their lives.

After you’ve voted in this here poll, make sure you share it with others on social media and ask them to vote.  Let’s show the world what bullying looks like to people with autism.

Remember to add the regular hashtags we been using since May.

Results from Poll #2

I doesn’t know what to think of the answers to the polls put up.  This here were the second one. The question were about curing autism.

The votes was tallied and 60% of people doesn’t know if a cure for autism is good or bad.  I guess I can understand that if you doesn’t understand what autism is or if you doesn’t know anyone what’s got autism.

But then I were shocked to find out that 30% of people what voted believe we needs a cure for autism.  I’m guessing they doesn’t know anyone what’s got autism otherwise they wouldn’t vote like that, would they?

Only 10% was against a cure for autism, and I’m guessing them people either has autism themselves or knows someone they love what’s got autism.

Poll 2_Should There Be A Cure For Autism

So where’s all them autism advocates and autism campaigners??  And what is they doing about this kind of thinking?  Is they trying to do something about it, or is they only interested in getting quoted in big newspapers and making 20-minute films about their childhood as if it were some kind of big studio production?


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