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Autistics Is Different

Over on YouTube, I found this here video done by some Aspie what got diagnosed a few months back and already he’s an expert on the subject.  Anyway, he done this video about the five things NTs needs to know about people with autism and I has to say that some of them points is good and some of them isn’t.

Over the next five days, I’m going to take a look at one of them five points he made in his video so you can understand what he got right and what he didn’t.  Autism isn’t easy to understand but this bloke got things mixed up and that’s going to cause troubles for us autistics with NTs what doesn’t get it about autism.

The first thing he says is that we is different.  Says we thinks and behaves different from most other people.

Here’s the thing.  People is called individuals for a reason and that reason is because we all acts different from each other.  What we thinks is different.  What we behaves like is different.

If you is raised poor like me, you isn’t going to think and behave like if you is raised like Prince Charles were, is you?  Even if you put on airs, you still isn’t going to be like Prince Charles.  If you doesn’t put on airs, you isn’t going to be like others what been raised like you either.

And what about other cultures?  Jackie Chan don’t act nothing like Kim Kardashian even if they does both live in America.  Piers Morgan and Philip Schofield is both presenters but they doesn’t act or behave the same neither even if they is both on the telly and they wear suits.

This is why we needs people like Rion McNeally out there talking to people.  He doesn’t say stupid things like that.  He says we is all different but some of us is different in the same way that NTs isn’t.

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About Autism and Video Games

It’s not enough that autism advocate Temple Grandin is talking about how horrible video games and technology is.  Now this here popular magazine called Time is doing the same thing.  It’s enough to make me wonder if them what’s talk about autism in the media ever met anyone what’s got autism.

If they met Rion McNeally, he’d set them straight on all this malarkey what gets published about autistics and video games.

Time magazine said two hundred studies proved that there’s a connection between ADHD and autism and screen addiction, aggression, depression, anxiety, and psychosis.  If you is like me, you wants to know what words mean so I looked up psychosis on the Internet.

Psychosis is a mental defect what makes people behave strangely or believe things that aren’t true which means you has lost touch with reality.  Seems to me that don’t describe no autistics I ever met, even them what plays hours of video games every single day, day in and day out.

But if video games is that dangerous to autistics, then Rion McNeally must be the safest of us all.  He’s been locked up at East Burmington Hospital for weeks now and he doesn’t have no access to technology while he’s in there.

We need to get him out so he can get back to advocating for autistics what need his help.  Spread the word of his plight and let’s #SaveRionMcNeally for the sake of all autistics.

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Confusing The Issue

On Monday, I asked questions about a leading UK autism campaigner and if he were still a trustee for the NAS.  The NAS said on their website he weren’t a trustee with them no more.


The next day after I asked them questions on this blog, that autism campaigner tweeted out one of them long tweets.  The problem with his tweet is the answer he were giving because it were confusing.


If I reads that right, he says he is and isn’t a trustee of the NAS.  I doesn’t know what to believe mostly because of things he said before that doesn’t ring true.

People doesn’t have to worry about being confused when it comes to Rion McNeally, and that’s because if he’s in he’s in and if he’s out he’s out.  He don’t confuse the issue by being in and out at the same time.

It don’t surprise me that NTs got bad opinions about autistics when someone like this here leading UK autism campaigner is mixing them up like that.  They doesn’t appreciate being mixed up neither, so most of them isn’t very nice to autistics.

But Rion’s not like that.  He’s an autistic you can count on.  That’s why we has to spread the word so we can #SaveRionMcNeally and #freetheboy.

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