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Dear Rion

The Answer To Yesterday’s Question

Yesterday I asked you what 86,400 means to you.  What nobody thought about is what it means to Rion McNeally what’s been stuck in East Burmington Hospital now for weeks.

For Rion 86,400 is the number of seconds every single day he spends in that hell hole he’s in, hoping this campaign is going to take off and get him out of there.

We all has the same number of seconds every single day as Rion’s got.  The difference is that some of us spend 28,800 of them seconds working 8 hours a day.  Then we spends another 900 or so on meals.  Some of them meals is spent in pubs with mates and some more is spent playing darts and drinking ales so add on another 1,400 to 2,000 seconds to that.

You get the idea, right?

Out of them 86,400 seconds, we spends most of them with people we know and loves, doing things we sometimes loves and sometimes hates, and being free to do as we please.  If we doesn’t wants to work, we doesn’t.  If we doesn’t wants to sleep, we doesn’t.  If we doesn’t wants to eat, we doesn’t.

But poor Rion is stuck up there with no time to call his own, being made to jump through hoops for the likes of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith.  It’s about time we all put a few seconds aside every day to #SaveRionMcNeally from #AutismAbuse.

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Brexit and McNeally

Today the talk’s about how Britain voted in #Brexit to jump out of the EU.  It were a fair referendum but them what’s didn’t get their way is now petitioning to have another referendum with different rules applied.  Sore losers, I say.

But you know who don’t get to exit anything because nobody’s making their voices heard on the subject?  Rion McNeally don’t get to exit East Burmington Hospital.  He don’t get to escape the clutches of Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith the way Britain gets to escape the clutches of the EU.

Them that’s wanting to change the referendum vote doesn’t remember what it were like in Britain before joining the EU.  If Rion stays in East Burmington Hospital much longer, people isn’t going to remember what it were like with Rion doing his autism awareness stuff before getting tossed into East Burmington Hospital.

People has a way of forgetting important things.  Don’t let Rion be one of them important things what gets forgot.  Make people aware of the #SaveRionMcNeally campaign by sharing this blog on social media with these hashtags.


Adult Autistics Alive

The way most people carry on about autism these days, you’d think the newspapers and shows on telly would sensationalize the headlines like they does for everything else.  I mean, you’d pay attention to autism if the headline were, “Is Autism the ISIS of Biological Agents?

How about this one:  Is Autism The Real ‘World War Z?’

I’m sure people would pay attention if the headline were this:  “Nurses Working With Autism Patient Contract Autism.”  My guess is if maybe you was thinking autism might get you or your mates, you’d be up in arms over autism, fighting to have millions of quid dropped on autism research.

Self-harming in autism is all because of pain and inflammation or so says this here article but then in the next article, they says that self-harming in autism happens because of all the bullying what autistics suffer.

Now Rion McNeally is stuck up there in East Burmington Hospital in the crazy ward and in all the time he’s been fighting for others, he’s not had the time to play thems that’s in the autism community into believing nothing.  As me mum says, “Cheese and crackers, Paddy! Where’d you hear that tall tale?”

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