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It’s In The Blood

Scientists is claiming they can predict what person’s got autism and what one don’t all with a blood test they says is accurate.  It’s accurate almost a hundred percent of the time they says, so that’s as close as you can get I’m guessing.

Them Yanks is always trying to find ways to get rid of us autistics and if you can figure out autism with a blood test, it won’t be long before we find out if we is all autistic.  If we isn’t, that test is going to out them what’s pretending to be autistic and by that I mean all them fake autistics what’s self-diagnosed.

Ya, you got to wonder about all them so called #ActuallyAutistic people on social media.  They isn’t always #ActuallyAutistic.  Some of them (actually a lot of them) is #FakeAutistic.  One quick blood test would make fast work of the lot of them what’s co-opting the movement.

I’m hoping that Rion is released from East Burmington Hospital by the time that test is on the market.  If he isn’t, that blood test is going to save his neck and save him from the atrocities Dr. Aidan Beresford-Smith is visiting on him.

So share this latest autism news with others on social media and remember to use the regular hashtags as always.



What’s Normal About Autism?

I doesn’t always know what to believe about autism and vaccines, mostly because even with all them scientists doing all that research, there is some people what doesn’t want to believe there isn’t no connection between them two things.

Used to be that autism were 1 in 10,000 people.  Then it were 1 in 285 people.  Last I heard it were 1 in 34 people.  That means lots of people is getting all worked up about how many people got autism.

Except yesterday I wrote about me mate what said we is all autistic so really it’s 1 in 1 and none of them other numbers people is quoting.  If it’s 1 in 1 then autism is normal, and if autism is normal, then there isn’t no reason to be carrying on about how everyone needs to upset if someone’s got autism.

I mean it makes sense to make some changes for people what’s badly affected by autism but if we is all autistic in different ways, we doesn’t really need to make all that many changes.  We just has to start working through problems instead of making our problem everyone else’s hard work for the day.

It don’t matter if you believes autism is caused by vaccines or if you believes it’s normal.  What matter is that it’s Autism Awareness Month so make people aware that autism isn’t no epidemic and that autism is normal.

Autism being what it is though there’s no reason to keep Rion McNeally locked away in East Burmington Hospital so let’s get one of these here hashtags trending to #SaveRionMcNeally from the clutches of that ponce Aidan Beresford-Smith.


So Tired of Autism

I  has this friend what sends me articles on autism from time to time. Now that I’m in a new flat and I got my Internet connected, I were able to check them emails he sent me I didn’t get to read yet.  One were about this here study done in some place called Saskatchewan.

Now I looked that up on the Internet seeing as it don’t sound like a real place, and I were surprised to find out that in Canada they got this part of the country what’s called that.

Then I read the article he sent me and I’m wondering how obvious something has to be for some people that they spend money on studies like the one I just read about.

Ya, seems that a study were done about parents of children with autism, and how they suffers from extreme fatigue.  Anyone what’s got autism or what’s got a kid with autism knows how tiring autism is so the study were just one of them government make-work projects.

But I imagine that what most doesn’t know is how tired Rion McNeally is from being locked up at East Burmington Hospital.  If you want to do something important for Autism Awareness Month, share the link to this here blog and let people know what’s going on with Rion.

Don’t forget to use the usual hashtags when you does share.


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